Haris Krijestorac

Information Systems Researcher and Professor

Greetings, bienvenue, Добродошли, & hoş geldiniz!

My name is Haris and I am an Assistant Professor of Information Systems at HEC Paris.

My research focuses on rich digital media, such as images, video, and sound, which are increasingly used to capture attention and "break through the noise" online. I am primarily interested in (1) how and why rich digital media spread, and (2) how these media affect decisions by businesses and consumers. This research has implications for marketers, platforms, and policy-makers.

Methodologically, I leverage big data analysis, machine learning, and advanced statistical techniques for prediction and economic inference. I am an affiliated member of Hi! Paris, an Artificial Intelligence research center.

Outside of the scholarly life, one of my passions is music. I released an album, and have performed in ensembles playing Ottoman classical music. I also enjoy tennis, zen meditation, and writing about philosophical aspects of science and research, occasionally on medium.